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Our mission is to provide you with efficient and effective self-promoting documents in the form of résumé, cover letter, interview skills preparation, and professional assessment that will help you get an interview, and receive an employment offer quicker.​


What Our Clients Are Saying

Great, I loved it!
I love how Flora works, very professional, you are great, you helped me a lot!
                                                      Antonio J.  Regional Visual Coordinator

I was offered the job!  I needed a lot of guidance with my interviewing skills, Flora prepared me to answer all questions with confidence and professionalism!
                                                         Angela A. Career Changer-Nanny to Paraprofessional


Professional Memberships

National Résumé Writers Association


Professional Development Services

Résumé review…$29
Cover letter…$89
Thank you letter…$79
Interview Skills Preparation…$89
Professional Assessment…$95
(Résumé, cover letter, thank you letter, interview skills prep)

3 Reasons to use our Services

• We are experts in producing high quality and visually appealing self-promoting documents.

• We can discern what employers need and don’t need to see on your résumé.

• We will make your resume stand out and guide through the job search process.

We don’t have any products to show right now.

We don’t have any products to show right now.

We don’t have any products to show right now.

We don’t have any products to show right now.


Flora Quick

Professional Résumé Writer
Professional Assessment Administrator

I am an experienced professional résumé writer and career coach based in NYC.  My work is focused on producing quality self-promoting documents that inspire employers to contact job-seekers for an interview.  I am happy to apply the experience and skills I’ve obtained in my career to assist college students and career changers meet their career goal.


Professional Outlook

We take on each client with the same enthusiasm, desire to assist and positive attitude you would expect to find in any star of the industry. It is this, combined with our strong skill set and experience, that make us valuable to our clients.
Be sure to browse our site, so that you get a better idea of how we can support you through your career or job search.


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